The Dread Of My Sweet Sixteen

September 4, 2019

It is my sweet sixteen and for some reason I am afraid of being free. In the course of my life,my parents have been my every thing and whatever little I know of this world is all accredited to their teachings. Being free to me is a burden that I am not ready for. I might be physically sixteen but inside I am still an infant who craves for mother’s milk. Just one drink that might give me the knowledge of the world that for once I might feel confident and not hide behind the shadows of my parents.

It might be clear to you that I am not like other teenagers who crave for freedom. How do they gain the confidence to be out there without the fear of the unknown. Yes! I am a control freak who needs everything to be perfect and planned to the letter.This is not my fault for I was raised to think that I can never make my own decisions and who’s fault is that? It may be my parents but they only wanted the best for me but right now I am not so sure of their input.

I feel like an orphan with nowhere to go. My life has had a perfectly defined path for sixteen years and like a bird who’s been let out of it’s cage for the first time, I am unsure on where to soar to. Then comes my rebellious mind which tells me to blame my parents for what I have become but what is the use? It is not like I am going to change. I am already sixteen and pointing fingers isn’t going to change a thing! The only solace I have is this letter that I address to the parents of this earth. Teach your child the ways of the earth by making him or her free to experience the world that he or she lives.

It is the least you could do as a parent to let your son or daughter yearn for his or her sweet sixteen in a bid to make the world a better place. I might never get the chance, but I know someone out there will and only that brings peace to my heart

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