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Afriwear: African Kitenge designs for couples

February 14, 2018

You and your hubby are planning a special occasion together and would like to look absolutely stunning, super trendy and that everybody could understand that you two love birds are deeply in love with each other? Kitenge designs for couple is a perfect choice, not only because it is a world trend now, but also because it suits everyone. Continue reading and get inspiration.

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Latest Kitenge designs are a must-have in 2018. The whole world, including the Western countries is highly interested in African prints, especially after the premier of Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther” movie. The best thing is, that there is a large variety of Kitenge designs for women and men, and gone are the days when the only Kenyan Kitenge designs were a matching maxi skirt and a top. So, get ready, together we are diving in the world of vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

Kitenge dress designs and Kitenge fashion for men and women

Ladies, with the help of Kitenge fabrics, you can transform any boring, prosaic outfit into a fabulous look. And the best way to stand out from the crowd of another fashionistas in African Kitenge prints, is to choose the latest trendy designs. In the following article you will find some inspirations for your future Kitenge outfits.

Kitenge designs for short dresses and Kitenge shorts designs

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What can be more sexy, than a vibrant, short Kitenge dress, that is showing your subtle legs. Here’s an idea of a beautiful, floral Kitenge printed halter dress with an A-line silhouette for her. The man is wearing shorts made from the same matching Kitenge fabrics and a simple white shirt. Note, that both love birds, are wearing plain sandals, not to burden the outfits.


If you are not able to find the needed looks in the shops, why not create something beautiful with the help of a professional tailoring atelier. Thus, you would be able to choose the fabrics on your own, control the quality of your outfits, and be sure that the clothes will ideally suit both of you. Simply, choose one of the designs provided here, or from another source, go to the tailoring atelier, where you have to take measurements and voila – a perfect look is ready.

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A very interesting idea for a professional photo-session . The couple is dressed in the outfits from the matching fabrics, a deep neckline short dress with a luxuriant skirt for the lady, and two pieces costume (trousers and shirt) for the gentleman.

According to the psychologists, lovers are easily noticed not only because of the similar clothes. They have the same gestures and habits. They live on the same wavelength, look in one direction. They like the same things, and this also applies to clothing they wear everyday. The same clothes unite and attest to the total acceptance of each other at the highest level. The same image seems to say that the couple is an integrally and spiritually combined into one soul. However, there are times when people are specially dressed into matching clothes to attract attention to themselves and show that they are in love.

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Here you can see a lovely young family, fully dressed in the latest Kitenge designs. The head of the family is dressed in a simple black T-shirt, colorful Kitenge trousers and simple black espadrilles. The lady is wearing a sleeveless dress with a deep neckline from the matching fabrics. The baby boy is wearing a two piece costume (shirt + trousers) and comfortable sneakers.


Try to avoid combining this type of shoes with smart dresses like on the picture. The look looks ridiculous because of them, and it is simply vital to add here lighter shoes with high-heels, or if the lady likes comfort – open flat sandals.

Kitenge designs for long dresses and Kitenge jackets

It is not a secret that, long dresses look more interesting, give some kind of mysteriousness and femininity to women. What is more important, you can look as sexy in a maxi dress, as in a super-mini. Here’s some inspirational latest Kitenge dress designs ideas.

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You and your hubby are invited to a serious occasion, that requires elegant clothes? How about a stunning dress with stylish Kitenge decorated bodice and luxurious aquamarine silk skirt. The gentleman is wearing an elegant jacket made of matching Kitenge fabrics, white shirt and dark-blue trousers. Voila – a perfect look for anniversary, opera/theater evening, restaurant or birthday party.

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How about a bohemian mermaid dress nicely decorated with Kitenge prints. Thanks to the black insertion, the lady’s figure looks slimmer. The gentleman is dressed in a stylish two-piece costume – Kitenge printed jacket, that perfectly matches the dress, black trousers with the same Kitenge decorations and black loafers. The lady’s outfit can be even categorized as Kitenge dress designs for weddings.

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Another stylish look for a serious occasion. As you can see, the lady is wearing a mermaid dress, fully made of Kitenge printed fabrics. Her beloved one, is dressed in a snow-white two-piece costume (shirt + trousers). However, the man’s accessories are fully made of the matching fabrics. An ideal solution, if you don’t have enough of fabrics left and still want to make a Kitenge designs for couple.

Kitenge dress designs for weddings – Kitenge wedding dresses and Kitenge wedding gowns

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Congratulations, if you are reading this, you are a happy bride and it is the exact time to choose the perfect wedding dress (you sure want to be the most beautiful bride ever, right?). And as a real fashionista, you want to have something special and stylish – a Kitenge styled wedding dress. Here you will find some examples that will inspire you.

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A stunning look for happy newlyweds from a famous African designer – Amsala Aberra. The beautiful bridal dress can be divided into two pieces – creamy bodice and composite skirt, smartly decorated with different Kitenge prints. The groom’s outfit, even though his shirt has a different pattern, looks very harmonic, because of the similar color palette. Don’t forget about this little trick, as it can be very helpful if you are buying your outfits, instead of sewing them.

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A one million dollars idea for a wedding ceremony. Kitenge mermaid dress, that is emphasizing all the curves of the body, decorated with thin lace will make you look like a Hollywood star. The gentleman is dressed in a trendy grey costume, white shirt and a Kitenge tie, that perfectly fits the lady’s dress, even though they are made of different fabrics. The answer is – similar color palettes.

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