The New Rising Star AkA Young Bullet

This young talented kid started his music in 2013 with the aim of taking African music to the maximum level. He released many hits such as :

  • Buble Nonstop
  • Boda Dance ft Nicki Dizzy
  • One In A Million alongside Veto Man
  • Strong Mama (This is one of the most strong delication to all the mothers outside there and its Video is finally release and on sell now).  Young Bullet has also setup a massive international collaboration with one of the best artist in Ghana known as Episode. Let me say he is the first South Sudanese young talented artist to light it up for the international music,
    International music all over Africa/worldwide 
    #Ghana X #SouthSudan 
    #BedRoomGun Official #Remix 
    #Episode X #youngBullet 
    Rebel Liberation Records X M-Town Records 
    Selecter KingRebel X Enox Pro

Young Africans are standing up with the responsibility of the future with groundbreaking ideas, problem-solving initiatives and talent industry-defining innovations. soon young talented people are taking over Africa and beyond because the future of Africa is hugely promising so just imagine Africa from now if we still get talented people like young Bullet.



I am a simple person who is fully committed to support and promote those young talented people who have got a lot of obstacles to overcome in their talent career. I am South Sudanese by nationality, born in Abyei and grew up in Uganda and the AfriGazine and Supreme Magazine Editor(Articles Writer) and the African Talents Awards CEO.

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